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Who is Kalliah

KALLIAH. I can see her in my mind's eye. I want to be her. She is fierce. She is fearless. Her giant wings are stitched together with brilliant feathers of freedom. She speaks her mind. She doesn't let her heart get weighed down by her mistakes or the heavy things others have said to her. Her wild hair radiates the sun as she reaches down into that old dark well to save me time and time again. I keep falling, yet she keeps circling back for me. I look back at my wings as they lay broken on my back. They are battered by my own self doubt, damaged by tireless pursuit of utopian perfection, and the persistent repeating record of hurtful words shattering in my ears. My black feathers drop one by one, settling on the echoing grave of water below me. Her hand is just outside the reach of my desperate fingertips. Frustrated tears stain my face. Why can’t I reach her - why can’t I BE her. Then her voice, as if she had heard my thoughts. “I AM you, if only you would believe it” she whispers. Her outstretched hand begins to glow, as if selflessly trying to give me the very deepest energy of her soul. I've never seen her cry, but her scalding tears soak my cheeks. She pleads. “This black dungeon is not your home. You were never meant to stay here. You were meant to fly little girl. So high that your wings transform to a prism of vibrant color, then to a billion diamonds of ice that radiate every spectrum of the sun. So bright that other girls will look out their windows and see a light that keeps them dreaming and wishing upon on a star. It's not about forgetting the journey and the darkness of this place and your past, but about wanting the light and the freedom MORE. Making that choice to fly instead of drown. Her name is Kalliah. She is in every one of us. She is why we love beautiful colors and admire the sparkle of diamonds. She loves and urges us to accept our differences, yet brings us together as an army of girls that stand up for each other. Passing on the knowledge of what it means to sew on our own unique pair of giant vibrant Kalliah wings.

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